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Living in Panama City Beach, Florida and being able to travel to Minnesota in the summer gives me the best of the beach and the country. Each place with its own beauty to be photographed and appreciated. The short trip in may  back to my hometown was no different. 

You know those people. ones you're drawn to, instantly feel at ease with, and their beautiful heart can be seen from afar? This is Courtney. To say this woman is beautiful is an understatement. this was our first meeting, and she completely shines inside out. Warmth and love, tons of laughter and unapologetically herself. I adored her immediately. Then she ended it with giving me homemade strawberry rhubarb jam, so let's just say the adoration was even more so! she rocked this red dress that was in perfect contrast with her farm land. we talked and giggled the entire time, and her husband even said he could hear us while he was hunting. 

I love photographing women, and always hope a little time opening up, hearing their story, and helping them see beauty in themselves will heal parts of their heart. But It heals me too being around their infectious laughs and genuine souls. Here's a few favorites from our session on a Minnesota farm. 

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For those of you who want photographs taken, but not sure about boudoir, let's set up a session with a fabulous dress, jeans, or your favorite oversized sweater and tell a little about your story, because it matters.

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-Keep Shining

Shanna Star