five things- Christmas edition

As i'm getting older (and no i don't mean old) my likes, passions, and interests are slowly changing. I think it's actually for the better! This year i started lifting and working out regularly along with a journey to better eating habits that started last May. i feel better about myself than i have in years. i also enjoy wine now.. who knew! so how is this for the better? well, presents from people definitely has opened up and i think i'm much easier to shop for ;) i got a gorgeous pink diamond wine stopper from my mom which i adore and so many lovely gifts from friends and family. 

a few years ago, Brandon and i started making amazon wish lists with gifts we'd like.. because honestly when people ask what we want... we have no clue. but this year, we both went off the list quite a bit for one another and it was so fun! here's a few of the many favorite things!


One- perfectly pink nikon apple computer decal. not only do we not have to open a computer now to see which ones is whose but it's adorable. there are SO many for whatever your interest is! this one is from etsy. 

Two- Forever Red Vanilla Rum perfume from Bath and Body works. not only is it a little more sexy than the one from victoria's secret i still love but it reminds me of one i used to get all the time! Vanilla.. my always go to scent. 

Three- Nikon Camera usb drive. another surprise from Brandon, and oh so cute! he's going to make an attachment for my keychain which yes IS necessary.. always running places i need to print stuff.

Four- this was a HUGE surprise. He found this laptop desk on etsy and customized it with even a pocket on the side to hold my external hard drive when i need. it's perfect for time i feel like working from the couch but having it on my lap gets a bit ridiculous with all the hookups. 

Five- awww yes, Pink Converse. i've only had one pair of chucks in high school i think and they weren't pink. they're perfect! wore them out last night to a pool hall. (which i stink at pool BTW) and i can even wear them while shooting. so really, all of these things i can use for my job. 

It's always fun to get gifts around the holidays that you've picked out, but so special when they go off the list and really surprise you with some wonderful ideas that screams your style. I'm especially blessed this year, my mom and her husband came for the holidays and i couldn't have asked for a more perfect time. Here's to next year, continuing my workout and eating habits, and finding new interests too! (maybe i'll work on my pool skills...) 

Happy Monday!