Nottingham, New Hampshire Wedding- Brittany and Josh

A beautiful and perfect October day in Nottingham New Hampshire. Brittany and Josh's wedding day and i was so excited to be a part of it! it might have been extra exciting since it's my sister-in-law! such a wonderful weekend, we got to spend time with family, and discover some of the most gorgeous trails.. i miss it already. what a wonderful time of year, the leaves were changing and it was an outdoor wedding and ceremony at Josh's parents' home. Getting to the site was like a dream, roads surrounded by these trees, i was in heaven.  

chalifours florals in manchester new hampshire-brittany

i always start tearing up when the parents have such a big part in the wedding day for their daughter. Janet (Brittany's mom) was there to help her get ready, i may have cried behind my camera.. don't tell. and then Brittany's dad walked in and it might have been tears all around, i love it! 

Floral was Chalifour's in Manchester, New Hampshire and oh my gosh they were so beautiful. Then Brittany took memory-filled broaches to attach to the bouquet. 


such a special part was all the decor, all handmade by the bride and family. every detail was thought of, and i absolutely loved it. i also loved that i was able to bring a few home to use around the house too! 

There were even a few surprises! the men wore super-hero shirts underneath and stripped down (the appropriate amount :) to show her! Brittany also had decided to have the Batman theme for when they walked out, after the ceremony. 

Sara Mercier wedding cakes
mason jars for weddings-brittany and josh1

they had hugs and kisses on the tables, along with andes mints,  hot chocolate and coffee for the evening and really all around perfection. M&M's for little gifts too along with the mason jars that had everyones name on it along with the table numbers! every detail was so intimate, even the family did the food and it was so delicious! The cake was made by Sara Mercier and each layer was different.. um.. YUM! 


another seriously awesome detail were the sparklers, and we experimented and tried a few fun things! i grabbed brittany's two brothers (one is my husband ;) and her best friend and Josh's brother and they did soooo good at writing love! it's one of my favorites for sure! 


i adore these intimate weddings, where every detail is special and the family all works together and even comes in early to spend time with the couple. It also allows me to talk to everyone which is especially important since they're family! :) 


Thank you Josh and Brittany for allowing me to be a part of your perfect day, and really just boss people around. it really was beautiful and i'm so glad we were able to spend more time together! it also makes me want to visit more often, New Hampshire was gorgeous! 

If you want to see more, click HERE and you can order photos, or wait for fb, i'll put more family ones there!