Alamogordo, New Mexico hot air balloon invitational- Hansen Family

Such a beautiful morning at white sands as we waited for hot air balloons to launch. unfortunately there were so many people that we had a short amount of time to get some photographs, but i think we got some beautiful moments! the kids all did so good even though they wanted to explore, lots of laughing and hugging and I'm so happy we were able to capture those! 

below is one of my favorites! real smiles, and love. 
i let them do one silly face, and it turned out so good! it still makes me laugh.. can't tell they're related.. they're all doing the same face! and then even when their parents kissed, they were all smiles. adorable.
the outfits were absolutely perfect. 
another one of my favorites of the kids hugging. all giggles.
i told the girls to give him a kiss, he said he didn't want it, but you can tell he really loves his sisters :) 
a beautiful family, both inside and out
we only had about 15 minutes to shoot, but the kids cooperated, had fun and i got bossy ;) i love these images, and think i should probably print one for my office too now that i live so close to this location! Thank you for letting me photograph your family, i'm truly blessed to be where i am and to have already met such wonderful people!