Vintage Wedding in Minnesota- Michael & Sally Rude

It was such a beautiful (but toasty!) vintage style wedding in southern Minnesota. i went snap happy, and absolutely fell in love with every detail that Sally created. As you can see.. there's pink so obviously it was meant to be! 
When Sally and i sat down to discuss all the details, i remember holding back shrieks as she explained all the gorgeous plans she had! It wasn't until the night before the wedding i was able to meet her fiance but as soon as i did.. i knew it was going to be a fun group, and it was! The men had fun and of course the women looked gorgeous. every bridesmaid dress was different.. loved it! 
Everyone wore boots.. so here are Sally's with the rings! 

they couldn't have gotten ready in a more perfect place. it matched completely the decor of the day and i had tons of time with the girls, and they're absolutely fabulous. i'm so lucky to meet such wonderful women and see friendship and giggles all day! 
we tried to stay in the shade, and that was no problem on this farm! (Michael, the groom's parents farm) every element was so lovely, so many areas for photos! 
ha! absolutely LOVE the photo of the whole group above. another one i might have to print to remember this day! 
i was impressed with the girls' moves. seriously, look how adorable! 
the men kept telling me they couldn't look GQ, they're country. i mean, i think they look pretty awesome. 

a moment before walking her down the aisle. 
the CUPCAKES. i can't say enough. OH the photo above of the plane. They had planned for it to fly overhead and take a few photos from above from the farm. such a unique and cute idea! i wanna see the outcome! 
i always love when brides put so much thought into detail, and look at this bar they created out of an old corn crib. everything was perfect, and what's more the entire day was so fun! 
i wanted to share every photo. there were so many incredible moments, and i'm so glad to get to know sally and michael! They're such a wonderful couple, down to earth and the best word for them is FUN! i felt right at home, and yes i busted out some moves too. 
congratulations you two, i could see from behind the camera that you are so in love and absolutely best friends who enjoy and appreciate one another so much! 
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