Floyd Lamb Park- Kenna and Audrina

Two gorgeous girls. 
If you don't recognize this beauty, you're missing out on some fabulous moments. We met last year and i was able to photograph her maternity photos, newborn, and now i asked her if she'd model for me; and she was thrilled to. she definitely made my job easy, and i had so much fun catching up and squeezing on her baby girl Audrina. She's in kick butt shape, and is a perfect model. I didn't realize that she had done modeling in the past and had fun with her outfits she brought! 
poor little pumpkin, i did partly a concept shoot with a canvas saying "pucker up" which is why there are tons of kisses for this cutie and here she is after a taste of a lemon. she did so good! 
look at those eyes, FIERCE. we talked about some red lipstick and how great it would be with the outfit, she hadn't worn it before, but I'm thinking she should more. :) 
this grease inspired outfit was my favorite, and Kenna completely rocked it!- we're hoping to use it again with a few more ideas so stay tuned! The two images below are my top two from the shoot. 
i'm so thankful to know such lovely people both inside and out, and Kenna we'll have to get together soon for more shoots! 
These kind of shoots are great for women who aren't sure about boudoir, but want to feel sexy and good about themselves, beauty photo shoots. if you're interested, email me anytime and we can talk about all the details!
so what are your favorite images from the shoot? does it inspire you for beauty photos? i hope so! Have a great thursday all!