Destin fitness and boudoir photos on the beach with Elena

Boudoir in the ocean.

I had the opportunity to work with Elena (one of the two davista photography brand ambassadors!)  not only on the Destin Beach, but IN the water. The Florida ocean and sunset couldn't have been more perfect for her session, although I have to learn to stop wearing jeans to sessions now, as I always get in the water and this time I wore white jeans. real smart.  We'll be working together a couple more times coming up, as she'll be doing her first bikini competition this Spring! you can follow her on Instagram, I'll leave her link below. 

love getting in the water boudoir portraits! 

love getting in the water boudoir portraits! 

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Panama City beach fitness and boudoir photographer

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Priorities and two things you can do today to start saving money by next month!

START with this book! it motivated me, is made simple and understanding. LOVE this book. 

START with this book! it motivated me, is made simple and understanding. LOVE this book. 

I got another job when i moved to Panama City Beach. Anytime you move a business, it’s like starting over when you’re in the business of people. I’m not complaining, although i miss terribly the freedom to take 15 minute breaks in the sunshine throughout the day and i took for granted all the things that are now closed when i’m done working for the day. But this post is about something else. i thought i would have less time, get less done, i thought my work production would go down for my own business. In fact, it’s done the opposite. Time was precious to me before, but now it’s on a tight schedule. weekends are filled with fun, but in the mornings i get as much as i can done for the house and for my dogs. and often photoshoots in the evenings. I’ve been better at spending the time i do have for my business and doing it efficiently. I somehow managed to read 4 books this year already. (my goal is only 10 for this year, so i’m ahead of schedule.. so far!) 

i guess what i discovered more than ever is, we find time for the things that are important. Somehow between another job, trying to build and brand my business, going to meet ups to meet people, spending time with my puppies, making my house a home, learning about finances since it’s my recent obsession, cooking, and some kind of social life, i found time management has been easy because of the habits i had before (i just had MORE time to get it all done throughout the day.)  a few years back i started the habit of getting five things done a day. it started small, but i read that accomplishing just 5 things a day will mean huge things after time. we tend to think we can go a lot done in a day but underestimate a over a span of a year and i wanted to change that by changing my daily habits. 

I used to hear from people that of course i had time, my full time job was my photography business. and dont’ get me wrong, it still is and everything that goes with trying to build a business in a new state. but more than ever, priorities and passion is what get things done. i don’t plan on staying in my new job forever, and they know that. in order to get to the place i want to be, i have to work on it. every single day. when I'm tired, when i dont’ feel like it, when i wanna just sit and watch tv. that’s the difference between accomplishing goals and getting the things you dream of. you have to start now. you have to do it everyday. and your priorities will always show. 

i could blame not having enough money, waiting till i have experience in the area, till i know more people, till life settles down, but there will always be excuses and always be opportunties. and you have the complete power to change and upgrade your life. i am daily making my life the way i dreamed. 

I have posted about priorities before and it really is about what you MAKE time for. if it’s important to you, you will make the time, and if not, you’ll find the excuses. Why am i sharing this? one- i still have PLENTY i could work on, and i always will. i always want to learn more but i’m going to share the things i’ve read about learned along the way, to hopefully help set you up for success too. 


Today’s lesson: The out to eat problem.

This isn’t something i’ve personally dealt with. in fact i’ve always been decent at this so i’m speaking from experience. If you’re tight on money there’s two things you can stop doing today that you can have a couple hundred extra dollars in your account by next month.

1- stop going out to eat so often.

it’s the easiest and fastest way to see money in your account and i have spoken multiple times with my parents that it’s a luxury, and we need to stop seeing going out to eat as a daily purchase. we all need to splurge so maybe try once a month for just a few months. you’ll save up in no time.

2- stop the small daily purchases.

Lattes/coffee/whatever drink you “must” have daily along with the baked good. if you don’t believe me. start keeping track of how much money you’re spending daily on snacks. $5 a day? yikes. that’s at least a $100 a month.


Why am I sharing Finances on a photography blog?

You might be wondering why in the world i want to share finances on my photography blog. over the past 5 years i’ve shared fitness, personal struggles and goals, and as someone who wants you to be the BEST you, finances are part of that. i can’t explain how empowered i feel now that i have a direction for my money. i have specific goals to where it’s going to go and how i’m going to get there. men might read this too, but mostly it’s for the women. it’s important for us (yes even those with husbands who take care of the money) to have an understanding of where every penny goes, because like i’ve been learning. we live longer which means we should be saving 12% instead of 10% and if we were left here while i husbands pass, would have any idea of how to take care of it all? And for those who are single, do you have retirement, security, and dream money saved? I think it's important and I'm going to be sharing what I learn along the way!


***my recent obsession that i’m so excited about it finances, investing, and everything that goes with it. i’ve read a couple books  ( I LOVE Smart Women Finish Rich) but am wanting to continue learning more. i reached out to some financial advisors and am going to go to an investment group, but i would LOVE to know which books you loved about finances. (one thing, i hate the cash system. for me personally, it doesn’t work. so don't suggest that. k thanks. ) i have basics down for spending and saving, everything is organized, but i want to learn more about investing! share what motivated or helped you learn more! and along my journey, i’ll be sharing more about money because who doesn’t want more money in their accounts!? let me know which books you loved by commenting below!

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Destin Beach Family photos- The Chewies

I have known this beautiful growing family since before their oldest was 1! Now I've had the opportunity to basically follow them around the country and photograph family and maternity photos for them ever since. And what a huge blessing it is. 

I love seeing the dynamic and love in families, even closer to my heart when I know them and Kim is a dear friend of mine. I can't say I don't enjoy the family photo on the beach of everyone looking at the camera, but my favorites are definitely the playing in between and the boys running around as their parents kiss and most of all, the real laughs from each one of them. 

Here's a few favorites from our Destin beach family photoshoot. 

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destin Florida beach family photographer
Panama City beach family photoshoot
rosemary beach fun family photoshoot on the beach
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Panama City beach family portraits
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silhouette on the beach

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white sands beach boudoir- empowering women

Each time i photograph a woman, i learn something deeper about myself, who i was, and who i want to be. Boudoir photography is much more than just giving sexy prints to your significant other. (although what a great way to surprise him too!) It can empower the way you think about yourself. it might be a fleeting moment with some evidence of your session, but it’s about connecting and many times talking through hurts, obstacles, and how you overcame something in your life. I know for myself, i look back and think about how i felt in that moment and it continues to give me a boost of self-confidence, where in my mind i knew i was brilliant, strong, and beautiful. And i can hold onto that session forever. 

2017 i had two sessions of myself and did i mention ladies i definitely wasn’t at my “ideal” weight whatever that means. i was me. i was going though hardship and more than anything my mental health was more important than getting to the gym as consistently. i did it because i knew i would look back and appreciate where i was then, where i am now, and some things i overcame along the way. 

I remember this session with Ms. M perfectly. we drove together out to the dunes to do beach boudoir and before that day, we had met once. but instantly we started talking about our self-image, relationships, hardships, and encouraging one another. I love those conversations. Ones where you jump into the good stuff and share and get off your chest the things you heart and mind wander about. Things that soon lead to deep breaths and letting go of a few things you knew you were carrying around. 

These are just a few of my favorite images from her session. She’s a fabulous, strong, beautiful woman and i’m so thankful to have spent time with her. Though i think she should come visit here in Panama City Beach :) 


Panama City beach boudoir photographer
Panama City beach photographer
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Makeup by Audrey Hernandez of Serenity Day Spa in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

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