Bodysuits are perfect for every body!

When I first saw bodysuits becoming more popular in boudoir and fitness photography, my first thought was "I love them, but I couldn't pull that off." I'm 5'3" with a short torso. But I loved the look. So I finally tried one on, and noticed something... girls of all shapes and sizes look absolutely fabulous in them! So if you have a shoot coming up and aren't sure what kinds of lingerie, try on a bodysuit! the women below range from 5'0"-5'9" and they all are smokin' hot! Give them a try, and be prepared to try on a few to find the one that flatters your body. They are some of my absolute favorite pieces for photos. I've had several women tell me they were unsure when I suggested a bodysuit, but happy they tried it! Here's a few I've photographed! 

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yes even I was photographed in a bodysuit. you can see my photoshoot here.

Unsure where to purchase bodysuits? Amazon is a great place to start, though not trying them on can be tricky for size and fit, but the red bodysuit you see above is from amazon. Another few great online places are adore me and Asos. if you want to try them on, I suggest cheaper stores since they aren't pieces you'll necessarily wear a lot. Be aware, most stores don't allow you to completely try them on. Try Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Holic, (all those cheap stores you don't necessarily buy expensive pieces at... are GREAT for fun bodysuits for a photoshoot.) After all, you want to look great, but not break the bank since the reason is to get the photographs not a bodysuit that cost $50+

If you bring a bodysuit to a shoot, I might flip out like I always do, they're gorgeous.. and so are you! 

Keep Shining

Shanna Star