Vintage family shoot!

whoo hoo! Vanessa, Nick, and adorable Carson! After picking out some of my favorites from the day, i decided, this is going to have to be a two-parter. So here's part one! 

Something i absolutely loved about this shoot is how excited and organized vanessa was! She got her hair and makeup done, had been working on fabulous outfits, and looking for perfect locations. she did such an amazing job! 

As soon as we got to the museum, i asked Nick if he was excited, and in his honesty he said "not really." i'm only sharing this, because when we were done, Vanessa told me he thought it went so fast! This is encouragement for your spouse too! He'll get to hug and kiss on you a lot, and time will go fast! 

Carson is such a good little boy, so cute- and Vanessa was prepared, she prepared danette, dominique and i with smarties for bribing. When it works, it works! She's a fantastic photographer, and always told me if you need candy, to use these, they're small enough, and don't stain clothes, and mouths! So if you're looking for something great, use these. Plus i learned these are great for horses too (well the wrapper anyway) , since the sound of crinkling will get his/her attention and it'll raise its ears too! perfect. 

So here's a few photos from around the museum, and excited to share more soon! 



 This family is beautiful, and if you're thinking of doing a family photoshoot, let's think of something fun to do! 

Thank you for letting me photograph you all! There are tons more, and i can't wait to show you!