One of my favorite spots.

Red Wing, Minnesota.

If you've snooped around, you'll know that i'm originally from Minnesota. I grew up there, lived there til i was 22. After moving, i've grown even more appreciative of how beautiful it is. (in my opinion though, the snowy winter is not so tempting and i'm thankful to be away from that aspect.) I was searching through some photos from last September when i visited. I went up to one of my favorite spots in Red Wing. Thought of these pictures after a friend of mine, Danielle mentioned this place again to me. (i actually photographed her engagement photos!.. check them out here.) This spot is about 15 minutes from where i grew up, and is always a favorite place for a little adventure.

The Mississippi River, cross the bridge and you're in Wisconsin, and such a gorgeous view. What i love about this place is you can see the most of the city, and yet, you turn around walk and this is another view you'll get shortly.

It's always such a good adventure spot when i'm with Rachelle. If you haven't followed my posts long, you might have missed that Rachelle and her boyfriend recently visited me here in las vegas! what a great time to see her again! Rachelle let me photograph her and michael too! If you want to see those, click here! Super cute.

I constantly talk about Minnesota, and wanted to show just a glimpse into one of my favorite places. When i get to go back, i'll make sure to get photos of my other favorite places!

Not only is this a great place just for fun, but a beautiful area for photos, I've seen a few friends get some wedding photos up here too, so always consider a beautiful place like this!

Anyone have any guesses to another place i love to go? I'm thinking eventually i should have a giveaway, but one a little more fair... not based on my fave places.. so be ready for that! If there is a fun prize, does someone have one they'd like to see given away!?