Five things

Happy Thursday! Few good things, finally rented a lens that should be here sometime tomorrow so no more worries while shooting! i've got lots of goodies for you today! 
Looking to add a special touch to your bouquet? At the chapel, i've seen some beautiful details added to their flowers, whether it's a broach, special jewelry from grandmothers, something blue, or photos of family that couldn't be there on your day.  it's a personal touch that's easy to do, and always adds something special to your day, and photos too! 
Do you want something a little more funky? Found this cute 50's centerpiece, if you're having a vintage style wedding something like this might be fun! looking at it now, it looks like sand, if you're having a sand ceremony, this is how you could decorate for your reception too! 
Speaking of sand ceremonies, it's another way to have a keepsake/ art piece for your new home together. instead of a unity candle, it's been popular for a while to pour two colors of sand together, representing your two lives becoming one. What's great about these is if you have two families coming together, or kids they can pour another color in, representing the family coming together. Also another way to incorporate your wedding colors! 
I can't believe i haven't talked about this next delicious product before! I actually hadn't even heard of them until about last year, i saw them on a blog and decided to make them! they were actually a big hit at work, even though they were my first batch and weren't perfect. If you're thinking of having a snack table, or cake but want to display it different, cake pops might be perfect for you! They're less messy, don't necessarily need a plate, and can be decorated so adorably! If you're a starbucks fan, they also sell some there to test them out with out a big price tag. 
You can use your wedding colors, have them decorated any way you want, or even have grooms and brides for pops! The cake table doesn't have to just display one cake anymore, you can have a table that's designed with these cute pops all over! Or if it's just a part of a snack table it's easy to get the amount of pops you're looking for.
If you're thinking health wise for kids or adults, it's a small portion but still absolutely delicious! 
Switching gears, Brandon and i went on a date adventure today, mostly getting errands done! It was such a fun day though, planning on adding to our wonderful backyard that my in-laws helped SO much with while they were here last summer. Anyway, one of stops was R.E.I to pick up those organic energy chews! If you haven't read that post, follow it here. I found some new Jelly Belly type energy chews, less calories, and i thought we should try some other kinds! I tried the lemon-lime kind, sour but absolutely delicious! If you want to try some, i say go for it! Sports Beans. 
Today's five things was still mostly about weddings, but it doesn't have to be strictly for weddings. If you're having a party, cake pops, and simple cute center pieces still can be used! hmm, think i'm going to have to make cake pops again soon..