My sister and brother in law


I have two wonderful sisters that i've always looked up to, even if it was watching them put on makeup in the bathroom with each visit; secretly thinking, "I can't wait til i have an Esprit bag." While in Minnesota i was so blessed to be pretty close to my beautiful sister Tara and her family! Getting to see her boys grow a little too! Crissie and i haven't lived in the same state since i was little, so when i moved to Las Vegas and she was here, i was so thrilled to be able to grow even closer to her. Though they made a huge decision to move back to Arizona a while ago, it was such a perfect time to be with the two of them. I could go to her to hang out, talk for hours, go to for advice, swim, be girly, and double date with her husband Eric, and Brandon. Boy i think he's absolutely perfect for Crissie. He's in the Air Force like my husband so there always was this bond i felt. That Crissie and I could get along and the boys could too. 

It was such a great time when i moved from Minnesota and family was here, and see how happy Crissie is with Eric. Their love for one another truly is inspiring. They appreciate each other more than most couples i've ever seen, are constantly uplifting one another, encouraging and believing in their dreams. i think is just completely God-given is that their dreams align at the perfect time so that they work perfectly together. Timing is perfect with these two. I miss them like crazy now that they're gone, but even in the short time i learned so much about their relationship and through them, mine as well. There's another relationship i get to see and learn from, my mom and if you want to see her wedding photos, click here

Crissie and Eric got married in February and surprised everyone! But.. if you two are reading this, i still have big plans for fun photos including some awesome aircraft. be prepared. While they were here, we ventured out to a park and just took a few photos, including Eric's full of personality and excitement, daughter Anna. It was an absolute blast. Thank you two for teaching me so much, i'm so thankful for the time we had living so close. 


Crissie and Eric just naturally fit and love on one another. It made my job easy, and so much fun! Anna is a complete ham too, loving the camera and most of the time with absolutely no direction, she has fun and includes herself in the photos. It's a beautiful family. I love how Eric kisses and pulls Crissie in and you can see their love for each other. 

I plan on visiting these two when i get the chance, and seeing their huge fantastic home, and of course photographing them more! 

Do you have some family favorites you want to share? Or even fun new edits you've learned, i recently re-edited some of  these and giving credit to Danette who showed me light leaks i'm definitely hooked. 

Happy Tuesday!