Five Things.

It's been an interesting week. Completely exhausted but i think i've finally been catching up on sleep so i'm feeling motivated to clean and get off the couch and do something. whoo hoo! 


At WPPI this year, i found some amazing vendors i fell in love with. One is the Rice Studio Supply. Finding the right packaging can be difficult, and expensive! You can get your own logo imprinted too. i think these are adorable and yes, i'm slightly obsessed. The prices are pretty good, and i'd say quite a few choices, check it out if you're looking for new packaging! 

Last week, i mentioned doing a smaller album for a guest book at a wedding, and got asked "what about wedding albums." The wedding albums are gorgeous, and again another product i'm sure your photographer can create. They're such an amazing keepsake, and right next to your guest book, you can have your engagement photos, and then your wedding photos! The difference i would do between the two, is your wedding album would have the thicker pages, and be more of an upgraded version. It's definitely something to check out, since a lot of brides now just get the photos on a DVD, and some never end up printing, but it's a great way to display all of those photographs and tell the story of your big day.

So I had this amazing bride the other day for an offsite shoot, and she brought her camera along. She had a cute silver glitter strap on it. I asked her where she got it, and here we go! Sizzelestrapz on Etsy sell some fantastic bling straps, so if you're looking for one that is comfortable but ultra cute, check these out. 

I purchased a cute blue mason jar a few months ago to be in my beautiful newly re-done office.. guess i'll have to showcase that soon. Anyway, i noticed it's a trend to have mason jars as part of a center piece at weddings, which i admit i love. Today i found some cute purple ones too! (and all kinds of colors!) An Affordable way to have beautiful centerpieces, and after you could resell, and even keep some! Heck if you want to send a few my way, i'd be okay with that too. Again find all sorts of colors, prices, sizes on etsy.

OH, or just ask for what color you'd like, they can customize the order! cute.

Want to mix it up a bit! Once in a while i'll drink coffee, and when i do it's either not really coffee (like chai tea, or vanilla bean frap.) or it's this delicious organic coffee i found. I've only tried the vanilla fusion, but if you know me, you know that i'm slightly obsessed with all things organic or at least i'm trying to go the route! I found this perfection at smith's (similar to a cub foods for you back in mn) also can be found at whole foods. I figure if i'm going to drink coffee once in a while, i better make something about it good. 120 calories. 


yum. i think i'm going to need one today. 

What did you do for centerpieces at your wedding? Did you just rent any vases needed? any cute stuff you think i'd like send me a link, i'd love to check it out!