1960's Wedding Dress Fashion Shoot- Alamogordo, New Mexico

Once in a while when i go into town and feeling like shopping, i go into some antique shops. I found this 1960's wedding gown, great condition and beyond beautiful. it inspired this whole shoot and details! Jessica is the perfect model and also my hair stylist here in town at Shear Madness Hair Design Studio. She is constantly experimenting with gorgeous hair color and went light pink just for the shoot! The makeup artist Breeanna also works at Shear Madness and were a perfect team! Erika my cake boss neighbor designed and made the beautiful cake you'll see. 

It’s important for photographers do have their own personal shoots. learning to expand my style using new lighting techniques and also showing you what i love to do! This is a good example of trash the dress or day after session that still keeps the dress fairly clean. 

a great reason to do a day after session is to get all those creative and crazy shots maybe in a special location without taking time away from all your loved ones on your wedding day. Time to spend with your spouse and just getting those big wall portraits you’ll want to keep up forever. it doesn’t even have to be the same year. a great gift could be getting back into them for your anniversary and getting some updated photos with a more fashion-feel look. 

i do these shoots for me, it helps keep my motivated and the creative ideas flowing. It also helps me try out new techniques so when i’m photographing a client, all the kinks and things that don’t work are figured out. i get to work with some fabulous people. so here's a few i wanted to share!... okay.. more than a few.



This cake though! i'm basically in love. we made a pinterest board and talked about what we'd like to see. because of the dress, i wanted it to be gray and pink with a new spin on a 1960's theme. lace, flowers that look real... she nailed it and i'm constantly impressed with her hard work, how amazing her cakes look.. and yes.. they taste amazing too! this was strawberry cake with lemonade frosting. 


Sometimes when creatives sit down with an idea and bring it to life, it doesn't turn out as imagined, but i have to say, this is exactly what I thought and more! the women that helped were just as excited and me, and it brought the whole thing to a new level!

If you want to see the entire edited gallery and even purchase a few prints for your home follow this link. you can order right from the site and the images will come to your door. nifty. Don't forget, there's a short behind the scenes video below!


Thank you Samantha, Erika, Jessica, and Breeanna. i truly couldn't have gotten the vision i had succeed without all of your talents and input. 

-Shanna Star


Hair and Makeup by Jessica & Breeanna- Shear Madness Hair Design Studio

Cake by Erika- hit the book your session now or email and i'll put you in touch with this fabulous cake boss!