Headshots for Mrs. New Mexico United States Pageant

Michelle is running to be the next Mrs. New Mexico and needed some fabulous head shots to show off her gorgeous self. Aside from her friend Maria (who came along, and i made be in a few shots too) she hadn't been photographed by anyone, so we all worked together to get our favorite images! She brought the hat and all the accessories you see. i thought they all fit perfectly with each outfit! 

 Why get an ordinary headshot, when you can get the formal one you need, but a few extra with a little sass and showing off your spunky personality and have some fun doing it! I'm just starting to offer head shots that include hair and makeup retouches. Enjoy a few little snacks, pampered for a few minutes, and then we'll have a blast in the studio! 


There's no doubt, i love her side profile. Maria told me she tells her that all the time too! so i had to snap a few of her looking out the window. 


If you're interested in learning more about the New Mexico Pageant (it's coming up!) click here for info and tickets! 

Have you had some photos taken that you put on social media?! i'd love to know! i'm starting a hashtag for all the beautiful women i get to photograph. help me out, it's #starbeautygirl this will help potential clients see my work, and be able to find all of you on instagram too! thanks! 


-Shanna Star