Change your habits, change your life

Change requires change. This is a pretty easy sentence to say, but not always to act on. I used to see successful people and think to myself "well yeah, if i worked out harder, i'd look like that." or "if i had the funds, or the time was right, i could do that too." Again, a pretty obvious thought. Boy, though people don't always want to put in the work. I've met and known so many who think whatever success they dream of is going to fall in their lap, the time will be right, the stars will align and TA-DA, here's your dream come true. Here's what i found, as bold and as harsh as it is... you have to work those buns off. how do you change your life, one day at a time with the right habits and mindset. it's hard. it's exhausting, and sometimes you fail. 

So, there's something you want to change in your life? Maybe a better job, eat healthier, get more fit, better income?- Then you need to change your daily habits. and heck yes, i still have lots to improve too. 

Change requires change. What are you willing to do in this lifetime to better yourself, give more to those around, build better relationships, and be a happier person? 

I'm going to give my (for now) 8 habits to change how you think, feel, improve. (i'm not talking cleaning and making a better appearance, i'm talking about those beautiful insides.. heart and brains.) 


1- read more or  read differently. If you don't read very much, i suggest you start. It'll help the way you think about yourself. It helps change your mood and attitude, what you can change, and how. It helps you discover your passions and dreams, your faults and emotions and why every month you feel grumpy at least one full day. (i'll help you there, if you're a woman.. it's your period. just embrace it.) so where to start? i read an article lately about things creative people do differently and i think novels are great, and can help your creativity, but the real help is in.. self-help books. I found a ton in the Christian living section that have helped me through more than i can explain. don't have that much time? here's a small goal i set. every day that i workout, i have to read one chapter from the books i'm currently on. 20 minutes. you got this. Where to start. pick up Captivating or Becoming Yourself. If you're in business, pick up some business books too. 

2- journal- okay so you're reading.. good job, now let's remember what's important and journal through all those emotions you're having. right now your passions, goals, what you feel what you want to change. baby steps, every huge change you see are from tiny changes that occur daily. also, date it. if i miss a few days, i can easily see when the last time i did journal was. 

3- workout- okay, you don't have to do this 7 times a week. if you're new to it, start with 3.(got 1.5 hours a week?) have kids? go on a walk with them, maybe it'll tire them out. maybe. i have no clue, i'm not a mom. but at least it's getting out of the house! Do what you love. walk the dog, yoga it up, lift (okay i suggest this one.. ;) run, swim. This not only relieves stress, it helps you get through more emotions. uhh, yes we have lots of them, let's try to figure them out. It gives you more energy, and if you DO have kids, shows them even in a small way taking care of your body is important. It also oddly gives you more energy to get all those other tasks done too!

4- Eat Healthier- I'm not saying give up every treat, in fact... keep a few treats around, you'll need those. but cook a few more healthy meals a week to start and if you're already there, try adding in more healthy/ less garbage with each month. It will give you more energy and feel good about what food you put in your body! Bonus: if finances are a weak spot, not going out to eat as often can save big with time. 

5- set realistic weekly goals- you're not going to get those big scary goals until you start with small ones that slowly change you. lists. they're a love of mine. i set a calendar with things to do each day for the week. some get pushed back to another day, i'm going to enjoy my life after all. but changing and improving means to set goals you can reach. Each month, i'm requiring myself to do a beauty shoot for me. my time, my money, my resources. It helps me feel creative, see images i want to create and pushing myself. i also have to do some sort of marketing each month. realistic. if you want to be better at your craft, you have to practice. 

6-set realistic yearly goals- nah this isn't just a new year's resolution. If i want more shoots, i have to market more. I have to meet more people and do things that i don't always feel like doing. realistic goals in numbers help me achieve better than the year before. this is comparing you... to you. if i want to be a well-known photographer, i have to better those numbers each year even in tiny baby steps.

7- set scary goals- these are tough. This is where i wish success would just be given to me. One i'm doing this year is a bikini comp. i'm so nervous. it's a way i push my discipline and see what i can do. Doing a competition is more difficult mentally than physically, so that's one. Another is business related, and the scary things are ones you have to do. just go out, and make it happen. but i guarantee it won't, until you change monthly, weekly, daily habits. 

8- Love more- this one can be done more quickly some days, and then others.. take over your entire day. that's okay. I have been trying to reach out to women that i adore with encouragement. I'll sit and think for a moment who might need just a little love. It can be a quick text that you're thinking of them, miss them, wish them well, praying, let them know what a beautiful soul they are, or appreciate them. women need women and we all need a little extra motivation. so maybe implement a little love-giving a few times a week to people around you. Don't forget your family. And your spouse needs to hear it everyday. Those thoughts when you see him... huge muscles, handsome, smart, helping around the house... say it out loud. it's the easiest to do and can soften your heart to those relationships. 


I re-hurt my knee last night so i had more time while sitting in the bathtub to read and journal, no distractions. i came across this saying that "you're here to influence people." Incredible how the world works, and how God works. i woke up and got a text from my mom saying how she loved the words i'd pour into my blog, that they do make a difference, and they're motivating people. It's almost word for word what i journaled i wanted to do, and could do with the resources i have. So realistically, what can you do to influence people? If you're not sure, i'm going to go suggest # 1 and #2 from the list again. journaling helped me discover my talents, skills, and how i can realistically reach and connect with people. 

So that's my secret for you this week, change...requires change. 

i just posted these photos from just over two years ago. i still adore them. they're right before i started eating healthier, working out, dyed my hair, and got invisalign to straighten my teeth. who knew is such a short period of time i would change so much. It wasn't just the outside, my heart changed. my habits changed. i changed. i think i looked quite lovely in these photos, and Mindy Bean did an AMAZING job. but i think i'm more lovely now, not because of my outsides, but my outside is reflecting the changes i'm making on the inside. i think it's time for more beauty portraits considering so much has changed.. and yes, i'm facebook messaging Mindy as i write this. i'm serious that i need more :)

a beautiful friend commented on these and i love what she said "Once the softer you, now the harder fiercer you. Two beautiful sides of the same gorgeous girl." if i ever have read encouraging words, those are it. Thank you Tania for putting into words how i feel i've changed. 

whew! i meant this to be a shorter post, i should have known better.. i love talking... and writing. 

I still have a long ways to go, as i'm only 27 i'm still learning what it looks like for a happy, healthy, balanced life. I look to my mom and see how she still is learning, growing, changing. I'm so happy about the progress i've made about how i view myself but yes.. still have some growing to do. but what a beautiful life we live, so let's make the most of it and ourselves.

"God wants you to love and enjoy everything about yourself."- Becoming Yourself

"You are beautiful, because you are fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalm 139:14


-Shanna Star