Taking Hold of Opportunities- Vacation Destin Florida

One thing I’ve been working on is grabbing hold of opportunities. I worry about money quite a bit. its a factor for many of my decisions and although it’s good to be aware of money, i think it’s just as important to go on adventures, refresh relationships, and see new places. i told brandon not 6 months ago I wanted to travel with him more. we both travel separately through the year, but we don’t get to together as often. this chance came up and my first instinct was to not go. it would be cheaper if i stayed and luckily I had the chance to think about it. I remembered what i told him and i know cultivating those relationships are so important, and i’m so glad i went to Florida. It’s was an opportunity I believe was put in front of me to take. To really test if people and dreams were more important than maybe a bit more money in the bank. i traveled with most my food and really didn’t spend a lot of extra money so yes, i still was careful but being with people I love is more important. 

Did you know you can purchase this image right from my website! just go to "shop"

Did you know you can purchase this image right from my website! just go to "shop"

We visited the Okaloosa Pier and i knew that's where i wanted to spend the most time photographing the beach. I didn't have a tripod with since it wasn't a business trip so brandon knelt down so i could steady my camera on him. good sport.


We have some friends moving out there soon, and i admit i fell in love with the area around Destin Florida. It was such a great time finding local places to eat (all delicious fresh fish), adventuring out, mini golf, and some shopping. 


I’ll be going back this fall, this time for both fun and work. so if you all know any extra lovely people that may need photos in the Destin area, i’m absolutely available :) 

It will always be an adventure that Brandon and i made together, with friends, and i even got time to run and read alone and grow. I wanted to share this with you all to challenge you to sit down and think about opportunities you feel you miss because of fears you have. What stops you or drives you each day? Are there opportunities you might not even see because you're busy worrying? If so, sit down and make a list of things that you want to do more of. Speak those things out loud, and then pray to be aware when these opportunities are given so you can take them! A small step for me, allowing my eyes to be open for more adventures! 

Happy Thursday. Go on an adventure today.  

-Shanna Star