Trash the Dress Beauty Portraits- Erika

I've been beyond blessed with this move to the middle of nowhere. Every time i go home after spending time with friends, I get to think of the wonderful people that have made such an impact on me, and make me feel loved. She knows exactly when i need a hug, someone to just come over, someone to talk to, and of course when i need to be silly.Erika and her husband are an incredible couple to look up to.They have 4 girls and when i go over i love the dynamic they have together. They have such a great balance of putting their family first, but still spending time with all us crazies. 

Erika came to me this summer with this idea! for her 10 year anniversary, she wanted to surprise her husband with photos of her in her wedding dress. She's always a hottie, no doubt. But she worked extra hard to look AMAZING in her dress. we went to Alamogordo and Cloudcroft here in New Mexico and got some seriously fabulous photos. some of our favorites!


Erika has such an incredible smile, and i couldn't believe how awesome she did in the cold snow! 


I think this is such a beautiful gift for her husband. she ordered an album (that i showed on instagram and i'll share again on fb!) and now i need one for my office too! A trash the dress session was a perfect way to celebrate her marriage, get in even better shape, and put on that gorgeous dress again! not sure about boudoir but want to surprise your loved one? this could be the perfect solution!

Erika, i'm so glad you came to me with this idea, and wanted me to photograph your hot self! it was such a fun afternoon, and so glad we could spend time together, laughing at one another how we both looked crazy running in the snow. you're truly beautiful inside and out. Happy 10 year Anniversary!

-Shanna Star