Have yourself a Merry little Christmas

Merry Christmas! i truly hope this week for all of you has been filled with lots of time with loved ones. For us this Holiday; that means lots of texts, phone calls, and cards. we've been so fortunate to be able to see our family only a few weeks ago and although we'd love to be with them during this time we also get to be with some amazing friends and be a part of their traditions. 

While we were in Vegas, we took our photos, not what i originally had planned, but since it decided it didn't want to snow yet, we decided to be flexible and found this lovely little spot! it was early.. too early for the pups and it shows. (we're all sleepers in this family) you can seriously see murphy glaring at the camera. he was grumpy. they both were. i think it's cute though, so i don't mind!  here's a few favorites! 

see? they're grumps. adorable grumps. but still. 

my 3 boys are such good sports. hardly any sleep and ready to be photographed at 7 am. 

we are so thankful to be back in our own home. it's been a fun year traveling, seeing everyone, and spending quality time with them, but we're both sick of living out of our suitcases and happy to be in our comfy house and still adjusting back to normal life. the puppies are too! 

i'm thankful for so much this season it's overwhelming. my relationship with my beautiful mama. if we're not talking, we're texting and she's one of my best friends and it's been growing each year! my puppies, who when brandon wasn't able to be around, kept me company and brought and continue to bring joy to my life. my minnesota friends and family (rachelle and michelle... this is you!) they spoil me with love and encouragement. more than they know. my friends here on base. where i always feel at home, welcome, and loved. and brandon. i'm so thankful for this man.i'm so proud of him. these past 5 ish months were tough, but he's home now and immediately jumped back in to fix and take care of me. 

thank you every one for support this year! a couple months  and i'll be ready to travel again! see you soon. 

i'm sitting here listening to Christmas music.. what else! i'll be home for Christmas came on, it always reminds me of my mom. we can't be together this year, but we both were baking, listening to music, decorating, and thinking of one another at the same time. 

Merry Christmas. Hug those loved ones tight!