Surprise Proposal Mt. Charleston, Las Vegas- Mike &Jennifer

A chilly Las Vegas day. we all met at the bottom of Mt. Charleston so we could drive up together before our photoshoot. on the way, I learned this beautiful couple have been together for five years. Then the talk of marriage came up. (not by me, i promise!) Their family had mentioned it, and we all laughed a little. Mike had a quiet reaction so i made sure to switch the subject right away. After just a few minutes, i felt like i knew these two for years. They're so full of joy, peace, and love. for real. i know that sounded like a Christmas saying. 

As soon as we parked, we all got out, Mike came over to my side of the truck and said... "i probably should've told you this, but i have a ring in my pocket." i wanted to scream for joy! but i kept it mostly quiet. Before Jennifer came back from letting their pup explore, I said he can just wink at me whenever he's ready. i couldn't believe it. i was going to be able to capture something so beautiful in just a few moments. 

Mike seemed so calm, and went with all the poses. i don't think i hide my excitement very well. though i tried! 

Near the end of the shoot, Jennifer told me he wasn't too fond of photos, one reason this was so special since they hadn't had professional photos for the five years they'd been together. i would've guessed the opposite. he made her laugh, smile, and was great in front of the camera! 

Then when Jennifer was distracted, Mike and I both nodded and i winked like a huge nerd.. several times. He said to her, "I think i have something that could make this shoot even better." she turned around to see him taking something out of his pocket, as he got on one knee. he said a few sweet things to her, and then asked her to marry him. it was beautiful. 

she immediately said yes and they shared a few tears, then he slipped the ring on her finger. They had a few moments to hug, kiss, and of course celebrate! 

We jumped back in to capturing more moments. Now Mike was even more relaxed, and engaged to his beautiful fiancé! Through the rest of the shoot, we talked about what a great job he did. He had talked to her parents too :) 

Jennifer told him how awesome he did! It was a surprise, had a photographer, and her nails were even done for the shots! It was everything she dreamed of, and wanted. 

It was such an amazing session to be a part of, i'm so glad i could be there and yes i cried too. Thanks to Jennifer's best friend (Jen) i got to meet this couple and witness a proposal in Mt. Charleston between two fantastic people who are truly in love. Yes i made sure to say fiancé a couple times too! Congratulations you two, thank you for letting me be a part of such a beautiful proposal. Good job Mike! 

Friends and family, these two love birds have all the images now, but if you're looking to purchase one for them or you! you can do that by heading here! the prints will show up right to your door! but ask Mike and Jennifer first, in case they wanted to print off photos for you all!

-Shanna Star