Family photos at the park!

such a fun family! They did great even in the heat!
Peggy is my cousin and we've always been close. When we were younger she was always around, practicing mom and taking my brother and i on awesome adventures! Anyone that i grew up with knows who she is.. i might have always been bragging about her and wanting to hang out. I've always looked up to Peg and now too, seeing what a fantastic mom she is and still takes time for herself and her husband Jeremy. (she recently joined hockey!) These two stay busy with their four kiddos and puppy daisy but always do such fun family things together! 
Fun fact: I was in their wedding, and their daughter Anni was the flower girl in mine. 
After the photoshoot we cooled down with some delicious dairy queen and then Peggy and i got to talk; always much later than we expect! Spending time with family is just one more reason i love to be a photographer! 
Jeremy and Peggy- your family is so amazing. and i just love how many hugs i got before bed time. oh. and what little Abram said.. 
Abram- is shanna going to stay overnight?
Abram- well can she come give me another hug goodnight? and how's my breath?
haha thank you for letting me spend time with you guys, and Peggy i can't wait to hang out and catch up again. You had such an impact on me growing up and i love you so much!