Dennis and Danielle- wedding!

Mr. and Mrs. Diercks!- Yesterday marks their one month together as husband and wife, and i wanted to share every photo while editing... realizing.. sigh.. i guess i won't do that. There are a few different photos from the sneak peek so if you missed it, click here to see a few more! and to see their engagement photos from last fall, a sunrise engagement session.. click here

In the sneak peek of their wedding i got to share how everyone was just perfect to the couple that day, so many people willing and wanting to help and all of the DIY projects Danielle had made and all the details she thought of! 

So for this post, i wanted to share a few moments too. you can see the joy on her face with her friends, and the emotion running through close friends and family. it was a beautiful wedding and day. The thing that still encourages me most about these two is that Danielle is now even more excited to be his wife now that the big day is over. 


When i think about Danielle and who she is, i think of strength. Another blurb from my favorite book Captivating.... "There is something fierce in the heart of a woman... she is a warrior too in a uniquely feminine way." Danielle even on her wedding day had such strength, a good heart but she is one of the most beautiful women i know and i think it only slightly captures who she is. 

Dennis and Danielle i know you'll have a wonderful marriage. Not only can you communicate exactly what needs to be said, but you have family and friends who will help you through. And even from here, i'll be praying for that great marriage! 

Thank you for letting me capture this day, i'm still so honored you chose me!