Dennis & Danielle- wedding sneak peek!

Dennis and Danielle were high school sweet hearts which i honestly always admire. I had the opportunity of taking their engagement photos last September, which you can see again if you click here
There are so many amazing things to say about this wonderful wedding day. Danielle definitely thought of every detail including writing a personal message on all the bridesmaids' shoes, surprising Dennis by seeing him before the wedding, and having enough time to stop at gorgeous places for more photos on the way to the reception.
I went to high school with these two, and Danielle is truly beautiful inside and out. Even from Vegas, i can see her faith growing in such amazing ways! (and because of that, it inspired me to include another small gift to send with her photos.. you'll have to wait and see what it is.)
Her dress looked flawless, her shoes were sparkly and cute, and her friends and family around were so great! I love to see when people will do anything to help out the couple, and i felt completely at home too!  

Congratulations! I'm so thankful to have been part of your big day! 
 what i thought was so special.. i got to talk to danielle again when i went back to Minnesota, and she said how much she loved the wedding, but what she loved most... was now being his wife; living life together.