Brad & Caitlin- engagement sneak peek!

What a fun couple! i went to high school with both of them and this was one of the first times i got to really see them together! crazy! But it was so beautiful. 
They have a wonderful dynamic and still after these years, Caitlin is all giggles and completely in love. Brad started out a little tougher but a few kisses to his gorgeous woman and he didn't stop smiling either. 
it was a ridiculously hot day, but you can't even tell! me on the other hand.. sweat city. Caitlin's sister Kendra came along too and i'm so glad she did! She even helped me too, so i couldn't have done it without you!
There was a tough time in the family, and my prayers still go out to you all, but they pressed on and focused on their love for one another and i'm really proud. 
i loved to see these two together and as always some of my favorite sessions so i can see how they show love to one another. They're definitely still always laughing, kissing, and completely lovey. I had Brad tell Caitlin a few things, and even without them saying anything they'd burst out laughing. can't wait to show you all the rest! 

 my favorites are absolutely the real laughs between the two of you. 
congratulations you two! and i can't wait til your big day!