How to prepare for your boudoir photoshoot

For those of you with a boudoir or beauty photoshoot ahead, first of all- so proud of you, an expression of self-love, bravery, and badass-ery! (it’s a word now.) Here’s a few preparation tips so your shoot can go as smooth as possible! Below you’ll see 10 boudoir preparation tips and also 5 day of tips!

**Wardrobe is a whole different blog post, so click HERE if you want some tips on what to wear and where to shop!

10 Boudoir Preparation Tips

Take this time to pamper yourself, you’re worth it.


1- stay away from junk foods and alcohol for a couple days prior or foods you’re allergic too, it’ll help with bloating.

2- If you get your nails done, make sure they’re fresh, or if you don’t wear any that’s fine too! As long as they’re not chipped, believe it or not, it is distracting in photos.

3- Getting your hair done just a few weeks prior is always a good idea, touch up your color, roots, or whatever fabulous style you have!

4- try to schedule it days away from your period or days surrounding your period when you know you retain more water or bloat.(midol can help though)

5- refrain from spray tanning especially close to the date. It ends up looking orange in camera, and if you do tan, try not to get burnt too close to your shoot! Although UV tanning is more harmful, it does look better in camera.

6- False eyelashes- um yes please! Most of my makeup artists will add them to their fee, but if you get them done, go for it!

7-Keep drinking lots of water to flush out, and to keep your skin looking full of natural glow

8- Wash your face before bed (especially if you don’t) starting a few nights prior, you’ll notice a huge difference in how your skin looks when you wake up!

9-if you are waxing/shaving do it a few days prior so red bumps aren’t an issue.

10- overpack your lingerie bag!- We’ll go through what will look best in camera, and it’s always good to have a few extra pieces.

how to prepare for your boudoir photoshoot

5 Day of Tips

1- eat a lighter breakfast, don’t skip it all together!- you’ll need energy for all that posing. It’ll feel like a light workout, holding all those muscles.

2- wear loosely fitted clothing. Tighter bras and shirts tend to leave red marks.

3- wear clear deodorant

4- clip out all tags from lingerie. a lot of sheer pieces have the tag right on the booty, and it can be a process to edit out.

5- Relax and enjoy your session! I know it seems like a lot of instructions, just want you to feel your best for your photoshoot. I’ll be there the whole time helping with posing and making sure you feel comfortable and gorgeous!

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Panama City beach - how to prepare for your boudoir shoot
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tips on boudoir preparation

Keep Shining

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