Florida underwater photoshoot

Meet Amber, my fabulous hairstylist, friend, and she was willing to experiment for my first underwater photoshoot. Did I mention not only was it freezing but we ventured to the natural springs that was constantly moving her and her gigantic tulle dress? To say she was a boss is an understatement!. She brought her friend to help us maneuver and we ended up having to PUSH Amber under the water so she could stay. the springs are constantly pushing up water and in her dress it made it incredibly difficult to stay in one spot. I’m telling you this as a little insight for all the photoshoots, there’s always more than what you see. a lot of times for beach shoots, the women are splashed (they’re warned and willing to do so for the shot!) and pushed by the waves. There’s lots of falling down, both by the model and by me but always filled with laughter and fun. I’m so proud of each woman who steps in front of the camera and also is willing to get their hair full of sand and salt, be vulnerable and get some fabulous photos along with an experience.

Not only did we test the underwater skills but I took my drone for a little spin through trees.. VERY carefully and got this first lovely shot! Wanting to offer underwater shoots too, so hopefully more soon to show ya’ll!

30a underwater and beach photographer
florida underwater photoshoot tulle dress

Keep Shining

Shanna Star