You complete you. Certainty and conviction

A few weeks ago I watched two periscopes and absorbed every word i could. Both very different. One is a photographer and business owner, self taught. The other is a professor by day and bodybuilder/powerlifter and trainer by night. Incredible insight from both strong independent women. Seemingly different topics with a similar theme. You are complete on your own, and don’t need validation from others to succeed. 

Sue Bryce the photographer, spoke on how to be successful, and the two things you need to keep pushing through and that was

1-clear certainty of what you want and

2-the conviction to do so. 

Ilysa spoke on how love isn’t enough, you have to be complete on your own to succeed with a partner. 

you have all you need right now to succeed

Scary to read, as most of us depend heavily on others' opinion, affirmation, and praise. Yes i still get that good feeling and motivated when people appreciate me, (And yes hearing encouragement from others is SO important) but even when I don't hear it, i know my worth, value, and i know what i'm put here on earth to do.

Confidence is contentment with yourself. Knowing you have all you need for the moment to succeed. Say that to yourself. You have all you need right now to succeed.The first thing confidence does is stabilize you. the second thing it does, is stretch you.  ( Paraphrased fromJohn C. Maxwell)  So yes you are content with who you are, but you also are willing to be stretched and to grow. Confidence is the key to that.

You already complete you. You just have to have the confidence that you absolutely indeed have what you need to succeed in your passion. 

it’s extremely scary, but it’s more scary to live life without going after dreams. I’ve learned to be okay with rejection with my passions I try to make contacts and put myself out there, because the WORST thing someone can say to you is no. that’s it. and once you hear that a few times, it’ll stretch you, and make hearing no not seem like a big deal. It'll make you work harder and get better. It'll make you more confident the next time. 

Powerful. So as i was challenged from Sue to listen to my heart of hearts and write down what i want, i’m challenging you to do the same. So, what do YOU want? write it in a notepad, hang it where you’ll see and wake up every morning with the conviction in yourself knowing you can get those things, but no validation from someone else will make it true. It’s in you. You complete you

you complete you certainty and conviction

It’s a tough thing to actually know what you want, but if you truly listen to your heart, you all have a yearning for something. And only you can have the conviction to run after it. You might not be good enough for it the minute you write it down, but you can be. There are things i’m certain i want, and i am convicted to get them. Not everything i can achieve right now or am good enough to do so, but i want them. and i’ll get them. And as much support and love i get from people around me, it won’t get me those things… only i can. It’s both a wonderful and terrifying realization. It puts the responsibility on ourselves alone, our will power and discipline and our MAKING time for the things we truly want. No more making excuses, just you and your certainties of what you want in life. 

I highly recommend following these wonderfully strong, courageous, independent, inspiring women. We all need encouragers in our lives, don't get my wrong.. it helps. It helps instill confidence, so absorb those compliments from close ones and also go looking for leaders in your industry. As much encouragement as i get from close friends and family, i need leaders to look up to. 

You complete You. So love yourself, have confidence in your abilities, stretch your abilities, and figure out what you have conviction to accomplish in this life. Then do it. Because you have all you need right now to succeed.


***I should note this is a very different topic than leaning on Christ. As I am a Christian, i believe THIS is whom you should find confidence and value in. However, we should still be aware that we are enough without another persons’ validation. Self-love. Self-acceptance.. THIS is the topic i’m discussing and i know resonates with every person. If you ever want me to write more on my relationship with Christ, I can or i can speak with you personally. 

Keep Shining

-Shanna Star