NPC Europa Phoenix 2015- Marlon

We're throwing it back today to Marlon's  mens fitness physique competition in Phoenix, back in October of 2015. I shared a few of these online, and even blogged about the hollomanfitfam who competed together. Dez, Steven, and Marlon all were on stage in October, and i had the pleasure of photographing them all together and separately just a week before their show. I'll share the link below of the ones all together again! Today is about this guy, he started his prep just this week for his next NPC comp and i cannot wait to cheer him on again and see all the crazy progress he's been working on! 

Cannot brag enough about his health goals and how hard he works.  It felt like he was constantly on prep last year and his wife Lauren was an awesome support system along with his workout partners! Here's a few favorites from the photoshoot and always a great reminder of how hard he's working every day to get those goals! 

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The last photo is one of their favorites from the session where they shot all together. it was so much fun, and these three are constantly pushing to new levels. Always encouraging others, and there with a  smile in a gym when you're not feeling it. you'll be motivated around these guys! If you want to see more with all three, click here

I read a quote today that reminded me of Marlon, Dez, and Steven. (it reminds me of the whole holloman fitfam actually!)

"It is called Bodybuilding for a reason. It’s a marathon of a sport. Consistency and longevity are key. Success and results do not come overnight rather over days turning to months and years. There is a reason it is not called body built. Lifetime Journey of a progress and pursuit of a better you."

This isn’t a sport for everyone. It’s tough, but these three push every day, through every prep and off season. Their hard work shows and somehow pushing more for each competition.  They better themselves. How amazing that i get to see their behind the scenes work, call them friends, and have them to push me too. 

Marlon- I'm so proud of you and all your hard work and i know the whole #hollomanfitfam is! Excited to see your next show and what you bring! you got this! 

ANDD yes. he DID sign the photographs of himself at my booth this weekend. THANK YOU! 

Keep Shining

-Shanna Star