My New Photography Studio

As many of you already know, I moved East for a bit recently. I'm in Virginia! There's now a room big enough for my whole studio and storage for it. Yippie! A great way to see all the extra stuff I had so I went on a get rid of spree and now I have a fabulous little studio! 

I'm excited to tell you about the projects I've been setting up but a few aren't set in stone so I don't want to jump ahead of myself. But I've been working hard getting in contact with some awesome businesses and people! 

So here's a little tour of my new studio! 

Hampton Virginia boudoir studio

I'm standing right at the door in the above photo so this is what you'll see. And I'm actually using my desk now as my desk now! (Although I admit I took the dog bed out before this shot... Murphy and Conner hang out with me all day in here as I work)

The pink and sheer curtains are new and they add a little more pink which of course I love! Sheer curtains are a great way to diffuse light so I can use these almost like a big soft box when I'm shooting. It's really flattering for boudoir

Hampton roads boudoir and glamour photography studio

Gotta showcase a little glam so I have a few favorite outfits on my wardrobe rack and the rest are in the closet and hung up! You'll see a lot of white furniture and normally I pick something a little more funky but since I use the chairs and pieces for photos, white is always a great choice for my studio.

gorgeous desk details pink and white
French provincial Virginia photographer

There's still a few things I need like a mouse pad, which I haven't needed in years.( I use a mouse for editing because it's much easier to do intricate work with in photoshop) I'll also be getting a bigger monitor for viewing photos to clients! 

Hampton Roads home office
Virginia Beach boudoir fitness and glamour photographer
hair and makeup salon Hampton roads
Newport News fitness boudoir and glamour

If you've given me a gift with a camera it's all in this room! A few cute boudoir and glamour masks and of course more showcasing my work.

Also this silver metallic desk will be where clients get their hair and makeup all done before the session!

boudoir studio virginia

Finally the shooting portion of the studio! I have two backgrounds up right now but will easily be able to change them. Also the unfinished portion is  the left where you see the pink headboard. There's a white (go figure) futon sitting there which I'll use as a second studio backdrop wall! I also use the futon and turn it into a bed for boudoir.

The closet is full of clothes, marketing, production, and paper work. whew! 

Since I just moved here and starting over with clients, I decided against renting out downtown, and although this location is temporary I LOVE it and think some great images and creativity will happen here! Stay tuned for sessions in the new studio! 

Keep Shining

Shanna Star