5 Year Blogiversary! + Giveaway

Wow! Five years ago, one of my dreams came true of designing and building my own website and starting a blog.I remember before my first post came out I was crying a lot. Yes crying. It was a brand new program, I couldn't figure it out, it's not what I imagined for my brand and I was frustrated. I went through 2 free trials before finally committing to it and pushing through all the fails (and tears) I had experienced. Whew. but i'm so glad I did. December 2nd, 2011 my first post went live. It was titled Welcome and was extremely short and without direction. I had to start somewhere, I had some dreams in mind of what it would become and I still do. It's not only a outlet and a great way to showcase latest work and happenings, but a place I've been growing in my personal life and I hope you feel encouraged by those experiences too. 

So much has changed in those 5 years, at the time I was still living in Vegas, moved to New Mexico, and now i'm sitting at my desk in Virginia. It's crazy where life takes you in such a short time.

I'm so thankful for all the friends and family who have helped me with their kind opinions and encouragement about what I'm doing. I'm truly lucky especially when I read about so many entrepreneurs not being supported. So to all my close ones. I love you! Half a decade of having to read me ramble on.. go you guys! :) 

Before 2011, I still had the name Davista Photography.  In 2009 is when i really started photographing people but just had no idea about branding (and i'm still learning!) So for fun, here's my logo through the years. I started designing the first two in college and thought they were awesome. Don't judge me, I can see now how awful they were. 

If you're still reading, yeah we've come to the giveaway! This year I wanted it to be more than a random gift, I wanted it to share my brand so this year I'm giving away a Davista pink shirt (small-xl available MEN: i have a black tee instead for you) a 15G pink camera jump drive, bookmark, pen, and my fabulous little mints. A little Davista Photography feel for you! 

How to Enter:

1-sign up for the newsletter, you can click HERE to do that.

2-email or click this contact button and tell me what you love to see on the blog! And if you've had a recent session, tell me something you loved! if you email don't forget to put your first and last name!

3-Follow Shannamagnuson on instagram 

PSST- If you win, I'd love to see you post a pic on instagram wearing the shirt tag @shannamagnuson and #davistafitness so i can see! 

Details: Enter by December 7 at 9pm Eastern Time. Must live in U.S. to enter. I'll email the winner on December 8th and mail them the goodies ASAP when they send their shipping address. 


Here's to 5 years! Thank you again and Happy December! 

Keep Shining

Shanna Star