10 Photo Gift Ideas for the Holidays

We all want to give special gifts to the ones we love, and it can be tough finding something unique! As I get older, photographs become more important. well that might be slightly due to the fact that it's my profession, but it's what i decorate my home with, reminders of not only my own adventures but family members that are far away.  so I'm adding more photographs of loved ones all over the house. But when I look around online, i think many of the photo gifts aren't something I'd want so i went searching for things I love and have either used in the past or would use. 

Here's 10 (hopefully different!) photo gift ideas for the Holidays!


1-  Magnetic clip board calendar- Adorable personalized calendar that you can do refills every year!  As the months go, you flip the cards, you could even cut off the calendar after it's used to frame a small portrait.A great desk gift under $50








2- Metallic Metal Prints (or speciality framed prints)- these sleek and gorgeous specialty prints make for a perfect gift with a contemporary feel. They're printed onto high quality aluminum for clean and lasting finish. Bonus tip, opt for the extra acrylic with metal posts, more expensive but adds a sleek look and protects the print from scratching. $30+ 








3-Thin wrap magnets- I've ordered these with my puppies( Murphy and Conner) and they turned out more lovely than i thought! Similar to the look of a canvas. Great for a little extra gift/stocking stuffer. under $30







4- Pet Pillow- How could i resist sharing these ADORABLE pillows. Although many of the items i show come from a high quality print lab, this you can find easily online. I even have a friend that has one and since her fur baby is her baby right now too.. it's perfect. I definitely got that twinge of... "i need one!" when i saw it in person. under $100



5-Purse Holder- cute stocking stuffer, we all go to those restaurants where there's NO place to hang the purse, i recently purchased a purse holder and I love it! light, easy to carry in your purse, rolls up so it doesn't take up space. Now i need another to put some cute puppy faces on. under $50






6-Coasters- These are higher quality than i've seen and ordered some a while back. a smaller gift but a cute way to add your kids (or pets) or even landscape photos you're not sure how to print. under $50




7-Portfolio Box- These gorgeous boxes can hold between 5-15 matted prints. Similar to an album, but you can hang one at a time throughout the year and switch it up when you want. A great coffee table book that guests can flip through. +$100






8-Photo gift card- Is there a photographer that you know your friend loves and wants to use? Or your spouse has been meaning to do boudoir and hasn't yet? Gift cards are a great way to give them an experience with someone they love! Gift cards can also be given to loved ones that have used the photographer already and would like to have a few extra prints around their home. $- your choice!


9-Mini Accordian Album- If you can't quite splurge for the big album, these 3x3 albums are great! Perfect to keep in your purse, or give to a loved one.  (grandparents LOVE photos btw, always a winning gift) under $50






10-Personalized wood wine box (or get the box that fits 3 bottles for those who LOOVE wine)- If you have that friend that loves wine and you finally found one you know they'd like, think about gifting it in a beautiful wooden box they can keep and display. So while others may be purchasing a quick wine bag, upgrade yours to make it a little more special. under $50




Although you can purchase most of these online, check with your photographer for some specials! Since a few of these items come from professional labs, you can always order them from the photographer.


I hope you get to spend Holidays with family and loved ones this year, and surrounding yourselves with laughter and tons of hugs.  but if you're not able to be close, sending some the gift of family/friend photographs is always special. 

Keep Shining

Shanna Star