Minnehaha Falls, Minnesota- Trash the Dress

When Rachelle told me she was interested in doing a trash the wedding dress session, i was thrilled! They got married last summer, and since i was in it i wasn't able to photograph it. which was fine since i was the matron of honor ;) but her dress and details were over the top gorgeous so i'm pretty happy we got some portraits! I want to point out that normally, the client sees the photos before it's blogged, at least most of the time. However, i wanted Rachelle to see these on the blog first. (she's my best friend.. torture or surprise?... you decide) 

i have lots of favorites, but here's a few. oh and i recently fell in love with this first one. Rachelle, you're stunning. Thank you for letting me photograph you. and not just this time, i mean for years :)


Rachelle has always been a gorgeous confident woman who knew exactly how to build me up too. This past year has been even more so! She started hitting the gym harder and the dress fits even better than it did! what a hottie! 


Another one of my favorites. it has such a dreamy fairy-tale like feel. i showed my 10 year old niece this photograph and she swore it was in the rainforest ;) we're so sneaky. this branch might seem low, but serious props to them both especially rachelle getting up there in her dress! She trusted me fully and jumped and hopped wherever my crazy brain wanted her to. 


Le Sigh. the back of her dress. i adore this image. showing off her curves and beauty. 


we chose a beautiful spot, away from people so they could get more cuddly! 


Also, thanks for putting up with a slight frustration i was having. yes, one of my cameras broke during this shoot and i was feeling a bit nervous. But that's why we have backups! 

The bouquet she put together with flowers in and around her house. The veil and head band were exactly what she wore for her wedding. 


can you hold your balance on a small branch in your wedding dress while a photographer tells you to move? prove it. :)


a little picnic. if you look closely, you might recognize some pieces that were decor for her wedding! vases, mason jars, and cute straws. 


Dang, i can't forget to thank Michael! He made her laugh, helped her in the tree, did great in front of the camera (in the most manly way possible!) and of course, was my assistant. the sun was STRONG so for a few he held up a reflector/blocking the light. you did great! i know you secretly loved holding the reflector in the air for way too long :)

Every time i shoot, i think yup this is my favorite kind of session. Whelp, it happened again. Weddings are so much fun, and i love meeting and being around families, but there isn't always that extra time to get portraits of you and your spouse and time alone. That's what trash the dress is about. A more relaxed portrait session that shows off those details you worked hard on, and celebrating marriage together again. It always brings up the big day and things they enjoyed or things they remember. This was not long after their 1 year anniversary, such a special way to celebrate! 

Rachelle, i'm so thankful for our friendship and love that you trust whatever crazy ideas i have. i mean, getting in the tree.. i was impressed! you've been such a wonderfully loyal friend to me, and are always building me up and there when i need you. In such a small way, i hope that these photographs build you up too, make you feel even more beautiful and bless you. I so enjoy the time we've been able to spend together and can't wait to see you again. we've been best friends for a decade. crazy! now go stare at your gorgeous self more in these photos. cause i have been!