Eau Claire, Wisconsin Engagement Photography- Tim & Cassie

i couldn't have been more thriled when child-hood neighbor, Cassie asked me to photograph her engagement and wedding photos! We started brain-storming right away, but she's one organized woman so she thought of locations and great ideas! We went to Eau Claire, Wisconsin both to Phoenix Park and then the college campus and i fell in LOVE with the rock she was talking about. (although i was skeptical at first when she mentioned a rock i thought she just meant a little rock. So glad it was much more than that!) but it was my favorite of the two places and i'm so glad we ended there! we just had to be careful not to slip!

It had been a beautiful day and then about an hour before we started, the storms came in. we waited for a while underneath some gazebos and braved it a few times when it calmed down, but i really like the ones with the umbrella in it! By the end, the rain was almost done, and i loved the look and mood it gave for us! 


i absolutely loved this rock, and i could've shot there all day. so many fun angles and the green and scenery.. wow. Have i mentioned a thousand times how much i love shooting in this area?

I got to meet Tim last year, but we didn't get a lot of time to chat, so although standing under the gazebo waiting for the rain to pass wasn't the idea we had in mind, we got to all catch up, and i learned so much about these two love birds!

the sun just was starting to pop out here, with all the floods lately, the water levels were a lot higher, but i thought it made for a perfect look! 

Cassie completely trusted me through the rain, i'm sure she was curious though about how it was turning out, so i quickly edited a few favorites so she could see how wonderful they both looked! You both did an awesome job in front of the camera! Rain and all!

Even though the rain delayed us a little, i think it added such a beautiful mood to the photos, and i really love them! I'm so excited for your big day, and feel so blessed to be a part of it. I'm so happy for you both, and loved learning more about you during our session! see you soon! 


Friends and family of Cassie and Tim, if you're wanting a few engagement photos, you can ask them or me how to order photos to come right to your home! You can choose the size and which photo, and it can be delivered right to your door!