Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Engagement Photos- Josh & Marla

Marla and Josh were unbelievably cute the entire engagement session. They wanted to have some photographs at the walker art center, sculpture garden and it was so lovely! we also took a few at the Guthrie theater downtown Minneapolis! 

Marla and i were roommates our freshman year of college, so when i started to hear about Josh, i was so excited! she told me they're so similar, and it's true, it's scary ;) we were able to catch up a bit after our session at a little restaurant to hear more about their wedding, their relationship, and life!

I'm so thankful for beautiful Marla. She is always a hard worker, and through my first year helped me grow so much and made me laugh everyday. i'll always remember the silly moments and wonderful conversations. even though life brings us being busy and moving, she's been a huge inspiration! 

Here's a few of my favorites from their session! (if you get a chance to see them all, you'll see lots of silliness!)


one of my absolute favorites from the day were by these purple flowers! 


can you believe this gorgeous ring! 


these trees were another favorite little spot. Josh actually suggested we all head into this area and i thought they turned out so fun! 


Although Marla is always such a sweetheart and always soft-hearted, most the time you can see she's full of constant joy and lots of laughter too. i had to show her big smile as Josh was hugging on her. a couple you can tell have so much fun together no matter what they're doing. their relationship is definitely one that inspires! 


another favorite, and her pants are so adorable! i loved all her outfits! 


When i leave engagement sessions like this, it gives me a refreshed look at love. i usually immediately text loved ones and feel so uplifted! 

Marla & Josh- congratulations you two lovebirds. you're a wonderful couple and so good to one another. i'm honored you chose me to capture your wedding, and am so excited for you both! Also... i'm going to cry. i mean a lot. 


-Shanna Star