Cloudcroft engagement photos- Ryan & Bri

where to begin! sitting here, i can't even explain the perfection that was this shoot. We all met up in Cloudcroft right outside High Altitude (which is where Bri works, and how we got connected!) They picked me up in the best VW van, puppies loaded too and ready to go! even on the way to the farm i had a great time with these two. They took me to a new location. It was a friends' land and it was truly breathtaking. I left feeling better about New Mexico, not all desert when you go in the mountains! ;) 


They were up for anything i had in mind, but what i didn't realize is the creek sometimes get get as high as your neck! i was extra careful crossing with me gear and couldn't stop saying how beautiful it all was. We were taken around on a golf cart and learned so much! 


that ladder grew into the tree so luckily i was able to use it without thinking it was going to fall. needless to say, i'm in love with this area. 


as you can tell they didn't have any fun, no laughing all serious! :) Bri picked out perfect outfits and she just looked stunning! (she's always cute but extra dolled up for photos!) They were naturals in front of the camera. 


Being shown new gems to shoot at like this was spectacular. it made me appreciate where i live more, and excited for more spots like this! 


take a look at Bri's new boots! she's starting to wear them before her wedding day. we talked about all the details and colors and things they had planned... i can hardly wait. it's going to be so fun! 


oh my! it's shots like the ones below that i'm even MORE excited about. it's not often i get to shoot with mules in the shots or puppies driving vans ;) it made our session even more unique and fun. 

something i love about traveling to the spot with the couple is the time you get to know them. talking through how they met, their future plans, careers, and mostly seeing how they interact. these two, are constantly having fun! Even on the way there, it was the furthest they took their "new" van so we were seeing how fast we could get it! 50 mph baby! (in case you were wondering) 


After our session, we went inside and had a few drinks with the couple that lived there and let us shoot at their beautiful home. The short time living here, i've met some incredible people and i'm so thankful for the couples i get to photograph! you're not going to want to miss their wedding photos this fall.. so stay tuned! 

congratulations! I'm so happy i was able to shoot your engagement photos, feel so lucky to know you. wonderful people, can't wait to see you again!