Five Things

Hey all! I always wait too long to share new things i'm loving. i sit down and think there isn't anything new to share, and then i end up thinking of about 12. if you follow me in instagram or Facebook you might have seen a few of my posts, but some of these are recommendations for you! 

1- a new design i made and wanted to share. i'll be printing these for new cards, and wanted something that of course showed my photography side a little! whenever i need thank you cards, i prefer to print my own through my lab so they feel a little more personal and have a few touches that fit into my photography. (pink is always a great place to start!)

2- Fitocracy App- okay seriously. you need to download this if you're working out. it favors running, so no excuses there! it's an app.. and free! you insert your weight being used and reps so you can see progress over time. anytime you lift more it gives you a PR(personal record) so you know. i'm going to be honest, i didn't like it at first. it took some time to enter all my activities and it's not a calorie counter. but it's changing how i feel about working out. i already know about how much i should be eating so this is a great way to turn it into a game, you get points and level up. It's about getting better and not about how many calories you burned so you can eat more. yup i'm loving it. you can also follow each other so if you're interested in what i'm doing.. you can see everything! 

3- Cellucor C4 strawberry margarita pre workout- this is delicious. About 5 months ago i started taking pre workout before most of my lift sessions. i noticed such a huge difference and it gives me motivation to lift more and better myself. this is just one of my favorite flavors

4- you can't spell legendary without leg day tank- i finally purchased this! i had to. something else that gives me tons of motivation to work out is feeling cute in the clothes i'm wearing. especially for more inexpensive prices. i get most of my bottoms at target and my tanks i buy t-shirts and turn into tanks, or find ones like these. yes, i do love leg day. nope i'm not lying! 

5-Delicia strawberries and cream champagne-  it's basically opposite of everything else i'm sharing but oh my. you might know i didn't really have a drink of my own until last year so i'm still a white wine/sugary taste kind of person. a friend found this and thought i'd like it. she was right. it's my favorite. 

i hope you can enjoy a few of my finds, and I'm always here if you have questions about these! 

have a fabulous weekend! 


-Shanna Star