Portraits for Men, Looking Rugged!- Brandon

I can't stop looking at these photographs! Either it's a little selfish because they're my images, or i just like how he looks ;) either way.

I've been wanting to try something more dramatic for portraits, i've had these images in my head for a while and was finally able to get them done! It's been a look i wanted to try more and get better at.

Luckily brandon was home, so i made him do them. he wasn't in the mood for it at first especially when the light wasn't working (yeah for technical difficulties) but it's when i always want to try new things before i use them on clients so all the kinks are out! After he saw how good they were turning out, i don't think he was upset anymore. Wanted to share a few favorites and would love to try more dramatic looks if anyone is up for it!


Something i love about these, it shows part  his character. lovin' his scotch and cigar and dressing up in part of his tux. also, his bow-tie has numbers all over it. We decided we're going to hang these above the bar. i can't get enough of the feel of these. It's so different yet still has my style. 

He also was on a longer weekend so yes to a little scruff! 


Yes even with him there was lots of bossing around and posing. he usually knows what i'm looking for but being in front of the camera is so much different and he followed it all so well. i had a certain look in mind and he nailed it! 


the one on the top right just screams advertising to me. It's such a classic masculine look. now all i can think about is doing more of these. i have a few in mind! all of my male friends should watch out. you will be models. 


Another reason i wanted to try these out with brandon first was to get the light right, shoot what i wanted, and last but not least.. there are more photos of me in the house than him. We needed more portraits. These are so classy to me, and will be hanging on our wall soon! if you want to order one of him.. i wouldn't be angry ;)

what do you think? Have something fun in mind for your men? Once they start getting photographed, most men don't mind so don't hesitate to beg a little. ha

Also Shelly if you read this.. BAM look at that jawline. you're welcome. 

I've shown lots of women's portraits, but men you should be included too. so here's hopefully the start. Enjoy some sunshine and get outside! 

-Shanna Star