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How To Wear A Short Wedding Dress

I teamed up recently with two wonderful women from Simply Bridal, a great place to find your  wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, and more for a discount price to share with you how to wear a short gown!



If the idea of a big, cumbersome princess dress is the furthest thing from your mind when envisioning your perfect wedding day – you’re not alone. Many of today’s top bridal designers are incorporating short and sweet styles into their collections, namely because many brides are asking for them. After all, a short dress can help take a potentially formal, stodgy event and make it feel more casual, plus it’s great for dancing the night away. If you’re thinking about a short wedding gown, here are some tips to consider for rocking the look.


The Long and the Short of It

The good news is, short wedding dresses generally look great on just about everyone. Bustier gals can help balance out their top half by showing off their legs, while petite brides may feel relief at not being overwhelmed by layers of tulle and chiffon. That being said, short dresses come in multiple lengths. Tea length, which hits mid-calf or around the ankles, is better suited for taller brides – if you’re short, this length can still overwhelm your frame and at worst, make it look like your dress was hemmed improperly. Knee length is the most universally flattering, whether worn in a fitted style or a classic a-line. While some shorter, mid-thigh styles may exist, keep in mind how formal your guests may dress or how elegant your ceremony is going to be – you may want to save mini-dresses for the reception.



Change It Up
If you love the idea of a short wedding dress but you’re not sure if it’s appropriate for a formal ceremony, or your ceremony has elements (like kneeling) that would make you uncomfortable in a short gown, you have some options. Several designers have added convertible styles to their lineups, which typically feature a fitted short dress tucked under a removable full skirt. The idea is for the dress to still look like one piece, but to give you the flexibility to shimmy on down when the reception starts up. Another option is to simply buy two separate dresses, and save your shorter style for the party portion of the evening, giving you the chance to make not one, but two grand entrances. 


Accessorize Accordingly
Short wedding dresses generally have a bit of a retro flair to them – after all, they were originally most popular in the 50s and 60s. If you’re looking to play up the retro vibe, consider a short veil, a colored crinoline, kitten heels or a classic chignon as cute complements to your ensemble. Short dresses are also great for upping the fun factor: don’t shy away from brightly colored jewelry, fun tights or a dramatic fascinator. If you’ve opted for a short gown because you’re having a beach or outdoorsy wedding, keep things appropriately breezy and simple by donning minimal gems and letting your bouquet take center stage. 


If you go for a short gown, rest assured, you will still look beautiful and special on your big day. A short wedding dress can be just the ticket to make you feel comfortable or show off your personal style. Remember, no matter what you choose, a bridal dress should always be a reflection of who you are.




When i worked in Vegas, i saw all sorts of dresses, and most that stood out to me were the shorter ones! A little leg, fabulous shoes, and a colored crinoline usually matching your wedding colors... gorgeous! So, if you were thinking about a short dress for your big day but wasn't sure, i hope this helped!  

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