Tracy and Sam- trash the dress on the farm

Tracy and Sam were just married in February and she had the fabulous idea of doing some trash the dress sessions with her husband her friend tara too! if you didn't see the two girls being absolutely gorgeous, click here to see the sneak peek! 

It's always so much fun photographing a couple for the first time. Learning how the interact and how they show love, and i have to say.. sam did SO good. yup he was a complete ham for the camera. He completely adores you  :) but who wouldn't!? gorgeous girl! 

So here's a few of the two of them! and by the way.. your feet look so cute! love the bare feets! yup. feets. 

haha and please note bernard. (the cat right below the couple) not to take away from Tracy and Sam BUT this poor kitty had to drag his sweet little feet, and he just loved attention, so we named him Bernard, and honestly he just made himself at home, went in front of the camera and looked up. we had no intention of including him. he loved the camera too 

i absolutely love their smiles here. luckily i brought a long a good friend who knew the couple too, so whether they were laughing at him or me, i didn't care! i had so much fun photographing you both!