trash the dress- on the farm

First sneak peek from my June trip to Minnesota! 


Getting back from a long vacation/work time in Minnesota, and it was absolutely wonderful (aside from a few hiccups which i'll be sharing) so now that i'm back here comes all the blog posts again! 

This post can actually be split into three, so i'm just going to make you all wait! Tara and Tracy wanted some trash the dress with each other, plus some portraits with their men! so here's just a few of the two of them! 

it was raining all day, so we quickly changed our plans, and honestly, it worked out better than our original plan! i was so excited to be able to shoot with these amazing cars! and these girls. gorgeous. 

as always click on the image to see them even better! and don't forget to comment below. 

Thank you tracy and tara for letting me photograph you two. there are so many great ones, and i can't wait to show you more.