Arizona Adventure

Mini road trip to see brother in law, sister and to celebrate her birthday! 


It was the perfect getaway, the drive down (about 5 hours) was a great time to just think, not allowing music to fill my head until i hit halfway. Spending time talking to my puppies, thinking about everything and enjoying the beautiful slight change in scenery. it wasn't a crazy vacation, just a nice relaxed time with some family. Exactly what i needed.  

Arriving at 3 was perfect timing, the party was just starting, BBQ, cake, and some great friends! Eventually it died down, and Crissie and i spent some time in the movie room winding down from the night, and then, it was time to sleep. 

The next morning felt absolutely perfect, it felt like i was at a bed and breakfast. I sat in the kitchen, watching the fan reflection turn on the spoon as i enjoyed classical music, chai latte, the door opened letting in the cool air, and a little IPad time. I was completely relaxed. 

the view wasn't too bad either! 

What i love about spending time with Crissie, is we can just sit around, chat and it's the best time. We didn't get out and explore too much, i wasn't there long enough, but i'll be visiting again when i can, hopefully with Brandon next time and we'll plan some fun stuff! 

Eric met up with Crissie and me for lunch at an awesome little place called Ground Control. A fighter pilot that Eric knows actually started up the place, he roasts all his own coffee, sells it to other coffee shops too! 

i was in love with this orange cream soda. delicious. 

vacation eventually means relaxing on a couch after trying a new restaurant. Sitting under the covers with Conner and Murphy as we nap, and across from me, Crissie fell asleep too. ahh afternoon naps. What else could be better?  

Exhausted puppies, and they slept the whole way home. 

The drive back might have even been better than the drive there! In the dark, i could actually see the thousands of stars, and in Las Vegas you see like.. a hundred.. maybe. I didn't hit any snow on the way back, and it was so peaceful. 

It was my first adventure away from Brandon that wasn't back to Minnesota and although i missed him like crazy and next time.. he will come with me!- It was nice to get out of Vegas, on my own and see some family again. 

It was a perfect weekend getaway! Nice and relaxed here at home now.

So have you gone on any weekend getaways lately? Was it a long drive alone or was it a group of friends? Any favorite places i should know about for next time!? Even if you didn't get away this weekend, did you do anything fun, or discover something new? I discovered i want to make my own chai lattes.