the new iPad baby!



I'd like to think i keep up with some technology news knowing when new camera equipment is coming out and some specs but... then there's Brandon, tech genius. this is one reason i'm so thankful for him. A few new things arrived at our door today, and I just am so excited to share some nerdiness going on in our house!


First the new iPads arrived! This in itself is something I'm so thrilled to use for photography and let's be honest another way to facebook stalk. I have a friend with an iPad and one thing she was concerned about with photos is uploading them. Evidently with the special ordered drive you can upload photos but it takes a long time and you can't see the photos directly, so if you were creating a sideshow or editing a few, you have to guess which ones you want to use. Boo. I wasn't happy about this so I told Brandon my concerns and he soon came to me with a way around it.

In my camera there is an extra card reader for sd cards. I don't normally use this slot but with this new card called eye-fi cards it makes it completely worth it. While shooting, the photos upload to the extra card and over to the iPad at the same time. This is amazing for having them in another place for backing up. The photos also copy to your photos on your iPad. So you can make a quick new album with selected photos, edit them in another program if needed and be ready to go!

The other fantastic thing about this card is it saves on the card until it transfers to the device you selected. This means instead of just am 8 GB card and worrying about changing it out too, it's like having an endless card. You also don't need to be connected to any wi-fi. I'm still amazed! A direct backup incase your cf card reader corrupts or a second backup to make you feel more at ease, especially if traveling.

I tried it out, and it worked just like i hoped! I can't wait to try it out while shooting sometime. 

There is also an option to have them store online too, if you're doing a wedding, it's going to take too long to upload, but if you're doing a smaller shoot and want yet another backup, it might be a great way to have them safe!

So if you're looking for a new way to save photos, and while shooting too! Try this out! I'll keep you updated on how it keeps working.  OH- it's not just for Apple products there are options for Androids too. 

short little blurb for you! what do you do for backup while shooting? And before traveling back with all of the photos, how to do save them again?