Shoe Smitten

Traditional bridal shoes are not my thing, and shooting at the chapel i get to see hundreds of different shoes! Living in vegas, a lot of brides come in with all things sparkly, and i've got to say.. i love it! More and more brides are choosing a shoe that is one of the wedding colors rather than traditional white. It's a small (and can be inexpensive) detail but can add to your day and photos too! 

When i got married, i didn't know a lot about the wedding trends, i wasn't a part of a wedding community and seeing what brides tend to buy. But i knew i wanted something different, cute, funky and i could use again. I actually chose a shoe color that wasn't even a part of the wedding, but i fell in love. 

If there's one thing i learned about wedding colors, it's what my mom told me long ago about her wedding with my dad. someone told her you can't have more than 2 colors. She said that's what she regretted about her wedding. So when i fell in love with lots of bright colors, i didn't hesitate to have it how i envisioned. So i went boys all black except for the tie and flower. AHH i'm still in love with it. I will share that too sometime! But my fabulous shoes were purple. 

Yes i do still wear them. I also still wear my wedding dress, but that's when i'm alone just walking around the house. I think that's a completely different topic though. So if you're looking for some ideas of how to add a small but fun detail, here are all sorts of shoes! 

First a few something blue! you have some daring bling from Steve Madden, frilly, or vintage. 

If you're still thinking you want some classic white there are alternatives to the "normal" bridal shoe. Lace for a wedding dress is definitely in this season, so why not add a little lace to the shoe! If you want something a little less bling, maybe just a flower. 

If you're a little more bold, here are more sparkles! I absolutely love these, have some similar (you can see here.) and there are even cute flats for all of those who don't love high heels. (keep in mind, most photographers love a fun shoe, and definitely chuck taylors.. maybe a pair for you and one for your spouse!)

Maybe you want something really different, how about sparkle.. toms!

I could go on and share the TONS of shoes i've been saving for inspiration, especially pink ones! If you need more ideas, i have lots i can send over. It's fun to see that even if you aren't into wearing high heels there are fun alternatives. Opt for something fun and screams you! Think outside the box, and more than likely you're going to buy new shoes for your big day anyway, so why not something super cute! 

What shoes did you wear? Did you go comfy with flats, or high heels? Did you stick to white or beige or step out with a bright color. If you want to send over your cute shoes i'll feature them here too! Lastly, what do YOU think of bridal shoes, opinions on what they should or shouldn't wear?