Little celebrations.


While out to eat with my husband, we talk about the most random things, and today was no different. We got to talking how long we've been together, and comparing how long we have til we beat our longest past relationship. The table conversation got silent for several minutes, while we calculated how many days we had left til we've been with one another the longest. We've both in some long relationships SO we got it down. November 29, 2012 we will be celebrating being together more than any other person we were with; which also happens to be Brandon's birthday! We've had some amazing times as husband and wife so far, and are oddly excited to celebrate this achievement! Which leads to the question, what do you and your significant other celebrate? 


Almost every day one of us does something insane, and we say to the other "i hope other couples do this too, do you think they do?" Simply because it's ridiculous and we have so much fun playing. The first time we ever really played, we wrestled. i have to say, i lost.... he didn't even pretend to give me a chance. 


Even in the short time we've been married (2 years in may!) we've come up with some great made up games to play. Sitting here and thinking, i think those are the best times, the small moments where we're fully ourselves, in love and best friends. 


Please note how creepy Brandon is in this second photo. This is one of our cheap "puppyventures" yes part of our love games is to make up words. Remember, we call all our dates adventures. Capriotti's, park time, soaking up the sun. Oh yes... and creepy faces.

Just was excited to share just a blurb into the world here in las vegas, and i'd love to hear some fun games you play with your significant other, and all the little celebrations that mean so much!  

can't wait til Brandon's next birthday, and a step together that means, we've been together the longest. :)