Hot Florals!

I sat down with a dear friend of mine today. We discussed so many things, like usual since neither of us can ever seem to be quiet for two seconds. This is a reason i love her so much, we can be ourselves completely, and help each other realize even more who we are. Today she told me when she thinks of me, she thinks of pastels. I've come to terms very recently that i need to embrace the girly side of me. It's been since i've been married that i can finally embrace all of it. 


 i told her i have saved hundreds of wedding images, lots of floral and anytime that i do they're always either pastels or hot colors, and let's be honest 90% of the time they include the color pink. I want to share some great bouquets for 2012, hot trends, and all things gorgeous! 

First i have to admit, if i could go back, one thing id do differently is my bouquet, i loved the flowers, the colors, BUT i had a smaller bouquet, and seeing thousands of flowers now at the chapel, i have a new opinion of the perfect bouquet! Of course this isn't the perfect for everyone but something to consider.. first the length of the stem, and how thick the bouquet should be example:

This is an example of longer stems, less flowers, not as "chunky." 


if you want to see some constant kickin' bouquets, check out layers of lovely, click here. They were the florists that put together the fabulous flowers for the trash the dress session, if you forgot, click HERE to see that photo shoot.


click on the image below to see them bigger! something i think is wonderful are the bouquets made from broaches. You can get these made with antiques your family has, as well as any that the florist has. i haven't found someone i know personally who does this, but there are lots of places that do these! love. i have a love for all the chunky types of bouquets, short stems, tons of flowers... absolutely gorgeous!

You'll notice these have tons of the color pink, but there are favorites of mine without it i promise! one of my favorite color schemes right now is gray and yellow but i'll talk about THAT another time. here are just some inspiration and if you want to find more i can give out some other great places for inspiration! 

 what kind of flowers are you using? what style? i'd like to what you love!