Covered bridge, zumbrota with the warren family!

This family is truly some of the most important and favorite people in my life. From high school, when Jordan and i started to become great friends, Liv and i played sports together and Harriet was one of my teachers, and even got to put a basketball medal around me :) when i was sick, they always showed me love and now more than ever i consider them my family. 
i can't believe how blessed i am to have them all in my life. (i won't cry.. i won't cry..) when i go back to Minnesota, i stay with them. We get to catch up and i get to feel family love (mine are all so far away!) i know they'll always be there. now, enough about my sappy story. 
They let me photograph them on a chilly 30 degree day with freezing cold winds! it didn't stop us, and as you can tell, we still had a little bit of fun! i assure you, we did actually get more cute smiling ones but i had to share a few laughing. 

one of my favorite brother/sister duos. they never have fun together. they don't have any inside jokes, and they definitely don't like one another. i hope you're catching my sarcasm. 
i wanted the last photo to show Jeff and Harriet and after almost 27 years of marriage, they're still absolutely crazy about one another. And here's an insider!- Every year Harriet still tries on her wedding dress on their anniversary. i LOVE that.
i dearly love them and appreciate everything they've done for me. and yes, i'll be staying with them again in May. i've already called the couch (my favorite over the bed) and basically the whole basement as mine! I hope you all have great families that you can always depend on, and if you have a story about it, i'd love to listen! email me! 
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