Blog anniversary!

Happy sunday! I hope you all are having a wonderful December so far, which seems like it came way too fast! Today marks the 1st anniversary of Davista Photography blog. eeek
this past year has been full of emotion to say the least with my new website; whether i was secretly (or not so secretly) crying to figure out how to run this site or screeching with joy when i first got followers! i want to continue to share my journey with you all.
yesterday's post i asked what you would like to see more of. One request was more things about me! so now all of you will have suffer :) and be stuck reading about my life as a photographer. wife. cook. and mama of two puppies even more. if you want to request some topics too! feel free, leave a comment below.  
i would like to give a shout out to my husband. i wouldn't have found Squarespace without him. thanks to his nerdy TWIT (this week in tech) shows. 
few stats!
written 148 posts
about 920 unique visiters per month
the way most of you have found me is: facebook
to the readers too, thank you for the encouragement with each post! i hope this year will be even better!