Part of my mission statement for you- empowering women

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I was lucky enough to grow up with a mom that encouraged and believed in me, and from there I continue to cultivate my confidence daily with books, goals, creative space, and people who breathe kindness into me. 

After seeing how not only powerful it is to be confident, but how necessary it is, I want to give that to my clients. I’m a boudoir and love photographer. But looking around they come a dime a dozen. i may have 10 years experience and i know i’m solid at my passion behind the camera. i know how to encourage women during and help her see beauty she overlooks. But it’s more than that. i want to give you the tools to continue on with confidence and self love. our session may be a moment in time, one i know you’ll look back on and remember your confidence and beauty but i also want you to build on that yourself. i want to encourage reading books that motivate you, and change your perspective, start having a positive mindset on women and empowering the ones around you, to know how important it is to have women in your life to help you keep going when times are tough, and i want you to know i’m here even years later and you just need  a place to lean on and remind you once again how lovely and enough you really are.

Yes, i want you to love your photographs, but more than that, i want you to love yourself.  And i’m here giving tools to encourage your heart and even help you connect with women who are like you. 

Big dreams are in place over here to make it an even better experience for you. 


I see your light, Keep Shining

Shanna Star