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Panama City Beach Florida has only been my home for 9 months, but like I tell people I think I was always a beach girl, I just never lived by the beach until now. It's my place I feel refreshed, motivated, relaxed, and most at peace. When I want to feel inspired, and where I go to take some time alone. 

I'm extremely lucky to not only be able to consistently meet new strong women because of my profession like the one below!- but it helps me reflect on the strong women I most look up to. There was never even a thought that I couldn't own a business if I wanted to and be successful doing it. What I wanted and desired was always an option as long as I could work hard. I think this stems from my grandmother, Corrine who showed what a hard working successful woman looks like. she built several businesses herself and left one to her daughters to carry on. something I realized lately was how she didn't get stuck. when her passion changed, she changed. She stayed on top of needs and saw what could be successful in each place she moved. she was a strong, smart woman and I'm so thankful I was brought up to never doubt my abilities and what I could be as a woman. I read book after book how family often will be the ones who doubt your dreams as an entrepreneur but the women before were entrepreneurs and I think it led me more than I even know today. 

in the short time I had with Kat, her work ethic and determination shows. she's a beautiful and smart young woman and I look forward to seeing what she does in the future. Already so proud of how she's going after her dreams. Below is a few favorites from the session, and I'll also attach her link at the bottom so you can follow her on Instagram! 


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