Valentine's Day Inspired Photoshoot- Destiny

As many of you might know, I recently moved here to Hampton, Virginia and now that the holidays are over, I'm starting to get busy in my new studio I'm basically in love with. 

My first model shoot here in VA was Destiny, you can follow her here, and I'll also post her info at the end too! We ended up having to reschedule because of a few things out of our control but we ended up working with a beyond fabulous HMUA and the dress designer. (she made the red dress below!) Melesia whom Destiny introduced me too. You can find Melesia's work here

It couldn't have been a more fun day, not only did we all laugh the whole time, anytime I'd leave or turn my back to Destiny, she'd dance for the behind the scenes camera which left me laughing hysterically while editing. so yes, I did keep a few of her moves in ;) Destiny also brought her mom Christine with so we got her hair and makeup done too and got in a few mother/daughter photos which I always love! 

We got some gorgeous photographs of both women, so here's a few favorites below! and don't forget to watch the video! 

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Designer in virginia
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loved the dynamic of this mother and daughter. Best friends, but it made me miss my mama too! 

beautiful mama over 40 glamour photos
mother and daughter portraits glamour
beautiful mother and daughter portraits
behind the scenes glamour

Melesia didn't want to be photographed today but I caught a cute moment between these two! just had to share! 

Thank you so much To Destiny, Melesia, and Christine. Can't wait to work with you all again soon! Had so much fun with you, and at the end when we were all uploading to social media ;) 


model: Destiny's instagram

HMUA and Designer: Melesia's Instagram and Facebook

-Keep Shining

Shanna Star